How to prepare for IAS after the 9th

How to prepare for IAS after the 9th


How to prepare ias before 9th

Are you just about to pass the 9th and want to become an IAS officer, then you should start preparing now because the exam that is taken for this post is conducted by UPSC, and it  The exam is very difficult. In order to apply for this exam, you have to have a graduation pass, so you cannot apply for it at the time you do it, but you can start preparing for it, which will be of great use for you and when you apply, you will  You do not have to prepare for a long time and if there is too much competition in this, then your preparations will help you to leave others behind. Your graduation marks for this exam does not matter that much, you just need to have a bachelor’s degree to apply for this exam.  So let’s know how to prepare for IAS.

 Do graduation

 First of all, you have to get a bachelor’s degree and while doing this you can also prepare together, study the topics of your graduation in detail, especially those subjects which have history and political related information.  And keep in mind all the courses of your graduation, keeping in mind.

 Study other subjects

 Create interest in other subjects.  This will allow you to study more efficiently.  Watch videos on different topics it will also help you understand better.

 Reading newspaper

 Candidates often face the problem that they take long time to read a newspaper and are not able to identify the important news for the exam.  To avoid this problem, develop the habit of reading newspapers from now on.

 Use of library

 Use your college library and study books of different subjects, read them and understand whether they are important for your bachelor’s degree or not, read more and more about the subjects related to your IAS exam.

 Improve personality

 You live like before, but after this you try to make your personality good and improve yourself, this step will be helpful for your interview.

 Study school books

 Do not try to move forward by forgetting what you read in school, you should also study your school books properly because it is very important for you to have basic information for the IAS exam.

 How to become an IAS

 Follow the below given points, which are a part of your preparation for becoming an IAS-

 Exam preparation

 The most important thing to become an IAS is that it is better to prepare for the exam and keep it in your mind, if you qualify it, then it will be very easy for you to become an IAS.  Will go. Along with this, before becoming an IAS officer in the eyes of the world, see yourself as an officer in your eyes, which will improve you to a great extent.

 Prepare yourself for it

 Ask yourself about whether you really want to become an IAS officer, if your answer is yes, then for this you will develop a stubbornness without caring about anyone and without fear, keep going forward  But preparing for this exam will become the most important.

 Seek the advice of an officer

 If possible, meet an IAS officer and talk with him, seek his advice and show interest in learning about some of his life’s activities.

 Sit with nice people

 Start sitting in a good company, your attention will be on the way you sit in people, so start sitting with people who inspire you for this and not make fun of you.

 You can start preparing for your IAS exam by following all these tips.  There are many people who decide to come very close to this exam which is not the right way, because if we have already studied subjects like general knowledge and history, then we do not need to remember it again.  Will have to, we only have to do the Ravizin near the exam and we can qualify this exam by preparing beforehand.

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